Nancy Bélisle-Pescatore, pianist


NANCY teaches

- piano
- rudiments
- harmony

Nancy Bélisle-Pescatore holds a Diploma from the Université Laval and a Bachelor of Music in Performance and has extensive experience in solo, duet, accompaniment and chamber music. She has recorded for CBC and Radio-Canada in concert series at The National Gallery of Canada, Les Concerts Ponticello and Open Score.

Nancy Bélisle-Pescatore has won several scholarships and trophies at the Canadian Music Competition and the Kiwanis Festival; she has also participated in The International Stepping Stone competition and Le Prix d’Europe in Montreal.

She has studied with some of the finest teachers in Canada such as Pauline Charron, Jean-Paul Sévilla, Marc Durand, Jean Saulnier and in Europe with Pierre Sancan and Agnès Grossmann.

She attended the University of Ottawa, Université de Montréal and the Académie Internationale de Nice in France, as well as being a guest pupil in Vienna, Austria.

Nancy Bélisle-Pescatore has been teaching for over 30 years and enjoys teaching a wide variety of music genres adapted to her students’ needs and interests. In turn, this allows them to broaden their musical knowledge throughout the past centuries to current repertoire.